We have several packing services that you can take advantage of for your long-distance or local move. We can provide professional packing services that can minimize the amount of preparation that it takes for your move, protect your items as well as help you organize your unpacking efforts. Our professional movers can provide you with the best packing materials as well as an itemized list of all of the things that we pack up into our boxes. Our experienced packing consultants can provide you with assistance in preparing for a move as well as protecting all of your fragile items for transport. Some of our packages include:

Basic Professional Packing Service:

As part of any basic move we have a complementary packing service that will wrap up a fragile items with moving quilts to protect them over the course of the move. We will do everything that we can to pack your items correctly for long-distance move as well as provide moving boxes for loose items. Our basic services don’t include extra packing and labeling services like our professional packing services.

Custom Professional Packing Service:

For a percentage of your moving costs or around $10 for larger fragile items we can provide custom crating and assistance with the packing. Our professionally packed and secure boxes are a great way to maintain the value of your items as well as ensure their safe transport. These flexible services will allow us to pack small portions of your home or office or provide custom packing materials for the most valuable items you own.

Full Professional Packing Service:

Our premium packing services usually range from $300 up to 20-25% of the full cost of your move. We can handle everything from your packing supplies to organizing your move. Our skilled movers will pack everything in your household or office, label it and then transferred to a storage locker or to your new location for the ultimate stress-free move. This is one of the most efficient options for your move and one of the best ways to protect your items over long haul move.

Contact us for official quote on each one of these packing services.